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Anya Metal Casket

Regular price $3,700.00 AUD
Regular price $6,795.00 AUD Sale price $3,700.00 AUD

Anya Metal Casket

These steel caskets are popularly known for its beautiful mirror shine finish, exceptional beauty and superior quality. It comes in a wide variety of grades, finishes and styles. Its unparalleled strength, remarkable longevity and natural non-rusting properties make it a valued material for steel casket construction. This casket has passed the most stringent quality testing procedure, handcrafted to perfection and specially crafted with environmental seal to combat external degrading factors thus making it able to last for a long time.

This 18 gauge steel casket features a white shaded copper finish along with a light shade of pink on its interior.  The design comes with bright bronze-tone handles to match the design. Furthermore, the look is enhanced with a pair of lovely rosette images depicted at the inner lid. Its square corners are decorated with polished bronze-tone corner panels for an added feminine touch. This can be the perfect vessel for your dearest loved ones. It flaunts the top quality interior linings and exceptional feminine design which makes it suitable for a burial ceremony. This quality hand-made 18 gauge steel casket will serve as beautiful tribute to the person you loved.