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Archos Gauge Steel Casket

Regular price $4,000.00 AUD
Regular price $7,990.00 AUD Sale price $4,000.00 AUD

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Archos Gauge Steel Casket

Steel caskets are notable for its strength, stunning mirror shine finish and exceptional quality. Its ability to resist rust adds advantage to this versatile material. Since then, steel caskets have been widely chosen for burial ceremonies. The steel caskets we produce range in size, styles, colors and hand-crafted with unique design. The steel casket featured below might just be the perfect option for you. 

This 20 gauge casket made of quality stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. It is painted in spruce blue finish and comes with polished handles to match. The interior is lined with blue crepe for an added classical touch along with its square corners makes this one a perfectly designed casket.

This is the perfect vessel for your dearest loved ones. Its lovely design and top level craftsmanship makes this suitable for a burial ceremony. This quality hand-made steel casket will serve as beautiful tribute to the person you loved.