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Arisius Child Casket

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Arisius Child Casket

For new borns under few months old

The  Child Coffin is manufactured using the finest ash wood. This coffin’s remarkable high shine is available in cherry color. In addition to the classic single lid top that delivers either a private or open viewing, this coffin is fitted with sets of grips along its facets. An in depth carving is sculpted alongsidethe carefully hand-crafted lid and down right to the edges.

Inside you can find an inner lining that is built out of the softest velvet fabric shaded in white. This will be excellent for a heavenly burial. This high quality hand-sculpted coffin presents nothing but value towards the baby you have loved so dearly.

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Color Cherry


Brightness Gloss


Embroidery N/A N/A
Interior N/A

Finest quality velvet fabric in white is laid on its interior to match.

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