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Celestrial Gauge Steel Casket-White

Regular price $3,700.00 AUD
Regular price $5,990.00 AUD Sale price $3,700.00 AUD

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Introducing our 20 Gauge Steel Casket, a symbol of spiritual grace and timeless beauty. This half-lid casket boasts long bar metal side handles for convenient carrying.

The exquisite design features golden plates of the Last Supper encircling the casket, while four detailed gold angels, each in prayer, grace the corners.

The white casket with gold trim on the lid adds an extra touch of elegance.

Inside, the plush velvet lining cradles your loved one in comfort, and it comes complete with a matching pillow, blanket, and an adjustable bed for a dignified farewell.

Style/Info: External 2100*710*560mm, Internal 1980*600*350mm