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Coppertone Stainless Steel Casket - Double Copper

Regular price $7,000.00 AUD
Regular price $14,000.00 AUD Sale price $7,000.00 AUD

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Jeff Copperstone Stainless Steel Casket

Built to Australian standards, the coffin is made with sturdy construction and can accommodate up to 150kg without any problems.

All our coffins and caskets are independently tested via an accredited NATA approve testing facility to make sure that all strict requirements are met satisfactorily within the funeral industry.

Stainless Steel, Half Lid, Rubber Casket, Natural Brush Finish
Interior: Almond Velvet,
Bar: Copper as hardware
External Dimensions: 2100x710x590mm
Internal Dimensions: 1980x580x350mm

Color: Double Copper

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