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Florentine Bamboo Urns

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Florentine Bamboo Urns

We all know how important it is for you to provide a perfect urn to cradle the cremated remains of the one you loved which provides the reassuring comfort that their presence will stay along with you. This can be the ideal way for you to cherish them. The urn below might just be the perfect option for you!

This beautiful bamboo urn is handcrafted from top quality bamboo which is a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource. This bamboo is handcrafted to perfection along with its glossy deep varnish finish along with elegant paneled sides. This urn includes a unique rose carving depicted at the front and it is attached with a sturdy base to complete the design.

An excellent option for your dearest loved one. Choose this top-quality, hand-crafted bamboo urn today!