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Frederick MDF Coffin

Regular price $2,000.00 AUD
Regular price $3,000.00 AUD Sale price $2,000.00 AUD

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Frederick MDF Coffin

This stunning Frederick coffin is made from a top level quality Oak wood in its original wood color. This type of high density hardwood is known for its strength, astonishing color, distinctive grain and natural decay resistance. Its unparalleled reputation and top-grade quality makes this coffin built to last. The design comes with six paneled sides with unique carved details depicted on each. It has a three tiered lid along with white satin fabric decorated on its interior. Solid zinc U-shaped handles are fixed on each of the paneled sides to complement and enhance the overall design.

With us at Coffin World, you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing a funeral vessel. We know how important it is to provide a top quality vessel to express love and honor to our loved ones. This Frederick coffin can be the very ideal option to fit your preference. It can serve as a last memorable gift for someone close to your heart.