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Gold Statesman Premium Casket

Regular price $4,900.00 AUD
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Gold Statesman Premium Casket

Golden caskets can be the perfect choice for your dearest loved ones. Noted for its luxurious feel, remarkable strength, endless versatility and beautiful glossy finish makes it a valued vessel for any burial or cremation. This perfectly designed Golden stainless steel casket has been manufactured solely by our skilled artisans. Quality assurance is our top priority and we ought to make sure that this golden casket is definitely built to last for a long time.  Take note of its unique design and stunning Golden finish which can definitely suit any personal preference. The one below might just be your ideal choice!

This stunning and marvelous looking Golden casket is made of top-quality stainless steel. It comes in a natural brushed golden tone all over the lid, side panels and handles. The interior is then embellished with a bright red red plush crepe fabric along with polished golden round corners to match. Four solid and durable bar handles are fixed on each side for an added durability and strength. This uniquely designed stainless steel casket is perfectly made to serve as a last token of remembrance for your dearest loved ones. Add a unique personal touch by choosing this exquisite Golden vessel for someone close to your heart.