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Mark Everest Metal Casket - Light Gold

Regular price $4,000.00 AUD
Regular price $7,990.00 AUD Sale price $4,000.00 AUD

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Elevate your farewell with our 18 Gauge Steel Casket in mesmerizing metallic gold. This exquisite casket features a half-lid design and adorned with detailed metal, long bar side handles for added strength and ease.

Inside, you'll find a plush velvet lining that cradles your loved one with care.

It comes complete with a matching pillow and blanket for a final touch of elegance, and an adjustable bed for customization.

Choose this casket to provide the utmost comfort and style during a difficult time.

Style/Info: 18 Gauge Steel, Half lid,
Internal: White Valvet lining, comes with matching pillow and blanket, Adjustable bed. External 2100x710x560mm, Internal 1980x600x350mm.