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Heras MDF Casket

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Heras MDF Casket

This casket named HERAS is a double top casket that provides several options for either public or private viewing. This casket is equipped with sets of brass grips that are hued in Yellow Bronzetone. MELAINA is produce from the finest MDF material that sets under a thick layer of genuine Pine Veneer. This casket has anoutstanding grain satin finish design. Cautiously hand-carved to perfection, its top lid, sides and edges bear an in depth carving that spells beauty, inside and out.

Within you can find a filling which is made out of quality crepe cloth hued in delicate white colour. This casket is perfect for a divine burial. This high quality hand-crafted casket offers only value towards the individual you once cherished and adored.

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Species N/A

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Color Brown


Brightness Grain Satin


Embroidery N/A N/A
Interior N/A

Finest quality Crepe fabric in White L2-T10 Yellow Bronze is laid on its interior to match.

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