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Irmine Premium Copper Casket

Regular price $10,995.00 AUD
Regular price $19,990.00 AUD Sale price $10,995.00 AUD

Irmine Premium Copper Casket

Copper caskets are popularly known for its exceptional design finish, classic look, semi-precious metal quality and endless versatility. It comes in a natural, brushed, or painted finish is manufactured only by our skilled artisans. Its unparalleled strength, remarkable longevity and excellent resistance to corrosion make it a valued material for copper casket construction. This casket has passed the most stringent quality testing procedure, handcrafted to perfection and specially built to last.

This perfectly designed casket is made of top-quality solid copper. It is painted in a natural brushed copper tone along with a unique heritage bronze finish. The design is matched with almond velvet crepe fabric along with square corners and polished gold handles to match. This can be is the perfect vessel for your departed loved ones. Its lovely design and top level craftsmanship makes this suitable for a burial ceremony. This quality hand-made copper casket will serve as beautiful tribute to the person you loved.