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Grecian Urn Casket (MDF - Half Lid) - Brown

Regular price $2,300.00 AUD
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A casket for the price of a coffin.

This Grecian Urn MDF casket, is a popular style casket used for cremation and burial services within most funeral homes.

This Grecian Urn casket has a half lid feature, where you can lift up one side perfect for viewing in a ceremony or service. They come with beautiful two toned metal and wooden handles. The flat lid feature of the Grecian Urn is unique to the Grecian Urn, which is perfect for placing photos, flowers or ornaments on top during a service.

This casket also features a white, soft Satin Interior with matching pillow, bed and blanket, providing a comfortable and elegant final resting place for a loved one. The sturdy construction of the casket can accommodate up to 150kg without any problems.

2030 L x 700 W x 450 H (External)
1930 L x 580 W x 330 H (Internal)
Material: MDF
Colours available: Rosewood, Brown/Maple, White, Dark Cherry
Finish: Gloss
Lid Type: Flat Half Lid
Includes: White soft Satin Interior with matching pillow, bed and blanket.