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Sapphire Blue Casket

Regular price $3,700.00 AUD
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Sapphire Blue

All our 18 Gauge Caskets comes with

  • Locking mechanism plus a one piece rubber casket
  • Continuously welded bottom to ensure a complete seal and water tight
  • Interior chemically treated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Exterior chemically protected against rust and corrosion
  • Swing Bar, it can hold up to 181kg (400 pounds)
  • Adjustable bed and mattress
  • Memory tube
  • External Material Type: 18 Gauge steel
  • External Colour: Metallic blue – 2 tones
  • External Finish: Metallic Paint
  • Interior Colour: Light Blue Interior
  • Interior Fabric Type: Velvet Interior
  • External Dimension: 2100mmx712mmx606mm
  • Internal Dimension: 1980x580x350mm
  • Weight: 87 kg

This 18 gauge steel casket is appropriate For : burial, above ground burial (mausoleum) or vault.