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Tranquil MDF Casket – Black

Regular price $2,995.00 AUD
Regular price $5,995.00 AUD Sale price $2,995.00 AUD

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This Tranquil MDF casket is a popular casket in our MDF wood range.  It is popular because of its high-quality construction, attention to detail while keeping the budget in mind.

Unlike traditional solid woods.  MDF wood is made from Medium Density Fiber wood.  They are strong, treated and generally have better weathering properties when compared to normal wood.

MDF woods are strong and are used in construction of houses, furniture, and many household items. They resist decay and can last for much longer in the ground when compared to some solid wood varieties.

Our Tranquil MDF casket range is finished with a VENEER on top in various designs and colours.  This allows the caskets to look and feel like a solid wood casket, but without the price tag.


Dimension: Size Large (L): External 2100x710x560mm, Internal 1980x600x350mm
Lid Type: Top & Bottom (Half Lid – Perfect for viewing).
Material Type: MDF
Finish: Veneer wood grain, high gloss.

Usage:  Burial, Cremation.

Peace of mind: Please note all our caskets have been independently weight tested by NATA, and are built to Australian standards